Black Mud Soap


Black Mud Soap is a natural alternative to regular soap which lathers into a creamy white foam, leaving your skin cleansed and refreshed:
Ideal for skin that cannot tolerate
conventional soap
Contains Pure Dead Sea Mud
No Animal Fats
No Artificial Colouring
Fragrance Free

Directions for use

Cleanse face, neck and body with Spa Magik Black Mud Soap twice daily.

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Black Mud Soap
Allergen-free Fragrance

Allergen-free Fragrance



No Parabens

No Parabens



What you say

I suffer with really dry flaky skin and this is the only soap I have used which does not irritate the dry patches. I love it! Mrs K Killick, Leicester



Step 1

Light some candles around the bath to create an at home spa ambiance.

Shower Gel

Step 2

Add Spa Magik Refreshing Bath Shower Gel under running bath water to create a luxurious foam.


Step 3

For extra skin hydration add 2-3 handfuls of Dead Sea Salts to a warm bath.


Step 4

Step into your bath, lie back and relax, letting the minerals work their magik.

Black Mud Soap

Step 5

Wash face and body with Spa Magik Black Mud Soap, which is ideal for skin that cannot tolerate conventional soaps.

Body Lotion

Step 6

Step out the bath and pat body dry. Apply Spa Magik Silky Smooth Body Lotion all over your body.


Step 7

Apply a light coating of Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser to your face to nourish and protect your skin.

Hand Cream

Step 8

At night time, ideally follow with Spa Magik Super Night Cream for extra mineral hydration.

For Face
For Anti-Ageing
For Body
For Hair
Oral Hygiene
Sun Protection