Aquasun philosophy:

Healthy tanning and invigoration

We all know how good our skin feels after
a day on the beach – the combination of warm sun and the therapeutic feeling of being immersed in the cool sea, leaves your body refreshed and glowing.

Aquasun Therapy recreates this beach experience by combining bathing in warm
Dead Sea mineral water with hot air jets to massage the body, whilst a low-level UV sun canopy lightly tans the body and promotes
a sense of well-being and invigoration.



The ultimate healthy tanning experience...



Treatment environment: A comfortable spa bath with solarium

During the Aquasun treatment you lie in an ergonomically designed spa bath tailored to fit your body contours, so you can lie comfortably whether on your back or stomach, even enabling you to lie on your stomach without getting your face wet.

Skin therapy: Ultimate hydration and circulation boost

Warm Dead Sea mineral water surrounds your body whilst hot air jets massage you, invigorating the body and stimulating the circulation. This boost to your circulation helps to disperse toxins and break down cellulite, leaving skin with a healthy glow.

Whilst bathing, your skin absorbs essential healing Dead Sea minerals that encourage skin rejuvenation and promote a naturally healthy and hydrated complexion. Aquasun Therapy can also be very effective in alleviating problem skin conditions.

Healthy tanning: Promoting natural beauty and stress relief

The low UV solarium gently warms and tans the body whilst you are relaxing in Dead Sea mineral water. The distance between the water and the sun canopy prevents dangerous burning, so we are talking about ‘natural’ sunbathing and tanning.

Aquasun Therapy encourages the release of natural endorphins that promote a sense of warmth and happiness, making it the ultimate stress-relief and well-being treatment.

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