the aquablitz combi

What is Aquablitz Combi?

Finders Aquablitz Combi, a wet palpate and roll cellulite-shifting system, is a truly innovative piece of spa care equipment that uses a range of natural elements – warm mineral-water massage, gentle oxygen suction and soothing essential oils, to deeply re-oxygenate and re-mineralise cellulite prone areas.

This therapy increases the circulation, enabling the removal of trapped fluids, fatty deposits and toxins from under the skin. Aquablitz Combi is an invigorating way to effectively blitz away cellulite, brighten the body and re-sculpt natural contours.

What is our cellulite-shifting secret weapon?
Revolutionary ‘water-based’ palpate and roll and nature itself. Aquablitz Combi uses the sublime power of water and natural elements to deeply aid in the removal of stubborn cellulite, thus smoothing out and harmonising the skin’s surface appearance and tone.

Crystal Waters: Warm mineral water, from the lowest place on the face of the Earth, the Dead Sea, has effective rejuvenating properties, and contains all of the glorious minerals essential to maintain a healthy and beautifully bright complexion. The heat generated from the relaxing warm mineral water helps to allow the rapid break up of cold cellulite areas.

Stimulating Suction: A poor circulation can lead
to the build up of carbon dioxide under the skin, which can result in unhealthy and discoloured skin. It is thus essential to re-oxygenate the body and restore the healthy flow of naturally oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood through
the body.

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