Hydrofloatation philosophy:

Promoting well-being and skin hydration

Imagine floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea waters, where the pull of gravity is non-existent, like in outer space. Hydrofloatation is a spa treatment in which you float weightlessly in an open Dead Sea floatation pool. The Dead Sea Salts in the Hydrofloatation Pool produce a high density that allows you to float naturally and spontaneously without conscious effort.

Floatation Therapy was developed for you to achieve the ultimate state of deep relaxation whilst the high concentration of Dead Sea minerals in the water help to deeply nourish the skin, alleviate dry skin conditions, and promote a healthy, hydrated complexion.


The ultimate relaxation experience...



Treatment environment: An ambient spacious room

The Hydrofloatation Pool is like a large spa bath set within an ambient, welcoming treatment room. You enter through a normal door into a softly lit and warm room, and you have no worries about feeling claustrophobic. You control the lighting in the room so you can choose complete darkness or soft underwater lighting that throws patterns on the ceiling.

Tension and stress relief: A physical and emotional boost

During Hydrofloatation the force of gravity is eliminated, allowing relaxation of joints and muscles and enabling a better blood flow, thus releasing muscular tension and joint pain.

Hydrofloatation helps normalise the breathing pattern and encourages the release of endorphins, which promote a sense of well-being and euphoria, without any side-effects.

The treatment slows down the activity of your logical and conscious mind and thus you can then experience a shift into the deeper levels of the mind, which are sometimes described as your feeling or creative mind. This shift can promote a sense of balance and calm in your everyday life.

The end result of a Hydrofloatation treatment is the release of excess stress and tension. In fact, many people say that floatation therapy is as refreshing as a whole night’s sleep!


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