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Our sister mineral skincare product house Spa Find has three professional luxury Spa body treatments to help you tone and firm the skin, reduce cellulite and ease away the inches.



Spa Find Sculpted Silhouette Inchwrap Treatment

This mineral detox treatment aids detoxification, helping with cellulite and water retention. The specialised wrapping technique tones and firms the body whilst safely removing toxins from within the body, providing inch loss. The ultimate combination of plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals makes this a powerful detoxifying body treatment. Your skin is deeply polished with a luxurious sand exfoliant and six different stimulating products before your body is cocooned in comforting wrap. The active marine ingredients work to stimulate cellulite and toxins, easing the inches away and leaving you with an improved body contour.

The original and the best inch-loss body wrap… with many celebrity fans including Victoria Beckham and Caprice.

Spa Find Marine Miracle Algimud Body Contouring Treatment

Marine Miracle tones and firms the skin, improves cellulite and nourishes the skin. The treatment begins with a luxury exfoliation followed by Algimud Dead Sea Mud and Seaweed mask. A personalised treatment designed to revitalise specific problem areas. This modelling mask uses a unique formulation of seaweed, Dead Sea Mud and plant extracts, which have combined powerful effects to eliminate cellulite and tone the body contours. An exfoliation ritual to invigorate the localised area begins the treatment, followed by an application of caffeine-rich extracts and specialised massage techniques to help with deep penetration of the active ingredients, which work together to stimulate, detoxify and firm the body.

Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of our Inchwrap and Algimud body wraps to ease away her post baby inches… click here to read a review.

Spa Find Body Bliss Contour and Relax Body Treatment

This treatment combines relaxing and nourishing warm Dead Sea black mud envelopment with firming Algimud seaweed for problem areas. Body Bliss leaves the skin soft and hydrated and reduces the appearance of cellulite. A fantastic treatment for those wishing to see visible results, be pampered and relax.

Spa Find slimming and toning treatments are available at a number of top Spas and Salons worldwide. To find your local Spa Find stockist please click here.

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